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Love your Water is your free tool to learn about looking after our streams, rivers and lakes. Watch helpful videos and browse handy downloads to find out more about freshwater restoration.

Establishing and restoring native plants alongside rivers, the riparian zone, creates a thick ecosystem buffer of plants and animals that helps to remove nutrients, slow sediment runoff and even stop chemicals from entering the water, thereby improving water quality.

Erosion is controlled as the roots of these plants hold riverbanks together. Biodiversity improves as the growing trees provide habitats for native birds, while their shade reduces stream water temperature and provides shelter and habitats for native fish species, while reducing the impact of algal blooms.

Downstream from these rivers and streams are our coasts. When nutrients, sediment and chemicals make it into our waterways, this flows into the ocean, polluting sensitive river mouth, estuary and marine ecosystems. Algal blooms, caused by too many nutrients entering the ocean from upstream, create sudden increases in plant life in the sea. As the algae eventually dies and decomposes on the seafloor it sucks up masses of extra oxygen from the ecosystem, causing a highly toxic low oxygen environment, where few species can survive.

We love clean water, our rivers and our ocean. Let’s motivate people to restore and clean up these places we love.

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Download the Love Your Water logo package to use on posters, flyers or online to promote your own events.
A document introducing the work of Sustainable Coastlines, the charity group behind the Love Your Water project.

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